《Activate Your Self-Nature DNA》~ 啟動自性DNA英文版

 * Originally published in Chinese as 啟動自性DNA (2010)






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Preface: From Elusiveness to Liberation

1. Chan: Free from Bondage for the Rest of Your Life

2. Without Even a Blank Screen

3. Everyone Possesses the “Complete Enlightenment” DNA

4. Everything Begins with the Mind

5. Working Toward a Life of Liberation

6. “Originally There is Not A Thing” is Not True Liberation

7. Every Moment (Here-and-Now) is a Perfect Revelation

8. Code 1: Self-Nature is Pure; Use it Straightforwardly

9. Code 2: Contemplating Wisdom, Neither Grabbing Nor


10. Code 3: Not Estranged from the World

11. Code 4: Investigate the Character “Wu”

12. Code 5: Seeking Good Teachers, Seeing the Moon with

Your Own Eyes

13. Striking and Shouting Simultaneously

14. Pouring Out All Possible Expedient Means

15. Burning Buddhist Statues, Chopping off Fingers, and

Becoming an Executioner

16. After the Barbarian Invasion, There is No Shortage of Salt and Sauce

Epilogue: No Longer Be a Confused Person